Saturday, July 07, 2007

Regarding Trash and Treasure

As my boys walked down the hallway, their towheads inclined conspiratorially towards each other, I leaned closer from my position behind them to hear what they were saying.

Corban looped his arm around Micah's neck and pulled him closer.

"Micah," he whispered. "If you have anything really special that Mama thinks is trash, you might want to hide it in your dresser."

I smothered a laugh as we rounded the corner into their bedroom. So they weren't buying the claim that I wanted to rearrange their room just to make the most of their space! Yes, this Mama purges her house frequently. Clutter doesn't stand a chance.

And I'm continually amazed that it still finds its way in! No matter how often I clear my desk, papers and baby books and school books and cd's still manage to fill the space nearly the moment I've finished. Drawers in my kitchen collect odd twist ties and clothespins and toothpicks, seemingly by magic!

And that leads us to my sons' room...To read more from today's post at CWO's Internet Cafe...
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