Monday, January 14, 2008

Children's Book Monday

We've been on a bit of a colonial kick over here, but I'm sure you won't mind!

Our Colonial Year
by Cheryl Harness

What a wonderful way to view a colonial year, and, at the same time, take a good, hard look at ourselves and what we do- or don't do- every day!

January- Women gather by the fire when snowy winds blow. Their needles fly, their thimbles flash, all through the winter day.

May- The flock is sheared; their wool is washed, combed, spun, and dyed many colors. Good, strong cloth is on the loom and naked sheep baa-aa in the sunshine.

September- Children gather slates and books. The teachers clang the bell. They troop into the schoolhouse where they'll spend crisp days learning.
As we walk through a colonial calendar year, the simple prose and quilt-like pictures are so pleasant to the ears and eyes. Each month has a state stitched in the bottom corner... New Hampshire... New York... Maryland, and if you love to fall into illustrations, this book will take you there!

A serving girl glares at a cat who has hopped onto a chair dangerously close to the table laden with food. A boy in a Tri Corn hat holds his slate at his side, its surface covered in letters and numbers; ahead of him, a girl walks down a hill holding quill pens and an apple. A young child cards the wool his sister has piled into a basket, his eyes lowered in serious concentration.

Every page invites discussion, explanation, definition; lean close and devour!

Happy Reading!

(Also highly recommended by Cheryl Harness- The Three Pilgrims.)

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Renee's Reading Corner said...

Both of these books sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Quinne said...

Hi Elise :) Thank you for the recommendation! It looks like a lovely book. I will add it to my list for next year (we'll be studying the USA). Have a marvelous week! Love, Q

Joyful Days said...

I'm always fascinated by this era. Books that bring history to life are always great!!



Martie said...

Sounds wonderful. I think I would like it as much as the kids. I will have to check it out. Thanks for hosting Elise. Hope you have a wonderful week!


~nanashouse~ said...

I'm always on a "colonial kick". I especially love historical fiction. Thank you for sharing this great book with us :-)

Beka said...

Ooh!! I like it. I love all things colonial.

Can I be a kid again so I can have fun reading all these books??

Amy said...

How funny...we just got this from the library a month or so ago. A great find! love, Amy

The Small Scribbler said...

Cheryl Harness. One of our favorite authors. Of course.

I want to live in her pictures when I read her books to the kids.


Kim said...

I just found your "Children's Book Monday" Carnival. I love the idea!

Ever the rebel, I am late, I have a great book to share, nonetheless.



henryteachers said...

This is right up our alley since we are studying colonial America right now. Thanks for the great book recommendation Elise!
:) Mindy

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