Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Girl, One Boy

(I am nearly a week late in acknowledging this, but hopefully, as Dean sings, I've been "stir[ring] carefully through the days...")

We celebrated our eleventh anniversary with a stolen hour for lunch and shopping for a new booster seat for Eliana-girl. I made a deliberate decision to talk about *anything* but the children, but they kept creeping in, in that adorable way they do.

We spoke of what we are proud of, what we're ashamed of, and what we are purposing to change... and it was beautiful.

I smiled into the blue eyes of my beloved and touched his hand across the table, thankful, ever so thankful, for God's providence on the silly nineteen-year-old girl who bounced in her wedding shoes, anxious to see her sun-bronzed love at the altar, oblivious to everything else- literally.

~To my beloved. Kevin.~

I love how much you adore getting the mail. I leave it there deliberately just to see your eyes when I tell you I didn't have a chance to get it... you're like a little boy. You are like your boys.

I love how you make silly faces at me in the mirror while I cut your hair. You make that messy, itchy job much more enjoyable when you squeak a laugh out of me... you are my delight.

I love how you giggle with Eliana in the store, eliciting tender smiles from those standing in line behind us as she reaches around your neck to say, "I love you, Daddy!" I love how you grab an unwitting boy for a tackle when he's off to do a chore. His solemn face lights up as he hits the floor and begins to wrestle with you, all thoughts of the work ahead gone for the moment, and when you are finished, he rises refreshed and light spirited... you are our joy.

Most of all, I love God for bringing us together. And I love you.

You are my heart.

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Stacy said...

Happy anniversary, you two! :)

May you delight in, take joy in, and love even more deeply in the years to come!


Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary Elise and Kevin!!!
Love the Dean song... how appropro!!!!!!!!
you made me cry!!
What a lovely post to your sweet love!!!

Joy said...

Happy Anniversary, Elise and Kevin!

May you be blessed with joy for many many more. What a beautiful post, and a beautiful couple...

[and isn't it funny how we try not to talk about the kids, but they creep in anyways...]

Beka said...

Oh Elise, this is so sweet. Happy, happy anniversary to you both!
I love the pictures-- the one of Kevin and Eliana having a tea party was just SO precious :-)
Love to you! I really want to call you soon, since I've been so terribly out of touch lately... hopefully when we get back from vacation next week.

Beverly said...

Happy (late) Anniversary!! You two are a blessing in your love for each other. May you continue to be blessed as lovers, parents, and in your walk with the Lord. {{{hugs}}}

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your love for each other, your family and God with us!

Quinne said...

Hi Elise :) Happy Anniversary! May this next year be filled with lots of delight and love and the Father's joy. Love, Q

~nanashouse~ said...

Happy Anniversary Sweet Ones...We have celebrated 36 years together as "boy and girl" We met in high school and just continued from there with our Lord's help. Keep on! God will continue His good work :-)
Now~~36 years later, 5 children (4 miscarriages), 9 grandchildren...God Blesses immensly, far beyond our expectations. Through life, death, expected life...He is there!

~nanashouse~ said...
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Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Happy Anniversary! God is so good and He has blessed us with so much, hasn't he?!?!

Hooper said...

Your words are more gracious than I deserve! It is easy for me to love my wonderful family - you, Elise, and our beautiful children make me who I am. Thank you, God, for blessing me so!

Jaime said...

Congratulations! How many years is it? I dont' think you mention that in your post...

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

As always, you make us melt with your tributes and skill with words.


Melissa said...

Beautifully said, Elise. I observe many of the same things happening here, and reading your words made me tear up with thankfulness.

My hubby and I just celebrated #11 on June 6th. I'm beginning to think we're twins separated at birth. ;)

Happy anniversary!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

We all gathered round and read together, the children swaying to the music, beaming.

Your love makes us smile.

God dazzles in you all.

I send much love,

Kate said...

Happy Anniversary, Friends!! I wish we could celebrate together, since ours was last week, as well!! God bless you guys :)

Bekki said...

Oh Elise - you brought tears to my eyes. You guys are the best. We are so lucky to have you all at Southside! xoxo

Maxine said...

Happy Anniversary!

Rebecca M said...

Hooray and happy anniversary, Elise! My husband and I recently celebrated ours in a similar way. Really, though, I have happily given up trying not to talk about the kids with my husband during our time together... I know we will anyway and I enjoy getting his perspective. It's been a long time since I've commented or written to you, Elise, but I am praying for you as you wait for this little one to arrive.
And hooray for a new car seat for your *big* girl!

henryteachers said...

Yeah for 11 years! You two are such a great couple! It shows in how you interact with each other and your children. Would you like to come down our way for dinner this summer? We'd love to visit with you again.
Mindy :)

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