Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Stuff of Life

I sit in worship, praises to Jehovah swirling around me. And I think of exhausted husband, his hand holding mine. I think of empty refrigerator, and a paycheck weeks away. I think of broken washing machine, computer acting up, and my praise falls flat.

This is the stuff of life... The words come, but the comfort is missing. How, then, do we pick our way through? How do we not only do so, but bring glory to the Father through our actions?

And again, the words come.

Dig a little deeper,
pull a little closer.
Stretch a dollar further,
and eat a little less.

Find the joy in little things
and worship through the storm.
Hold up the arms of loved ones
and speak love throughout the stress.

Reach a little higher,
place self a little lower.
Wear the same thing more than once
and keep an open door.

Smile a little sooner
and listen twice as hard,
Fix your eyes on living well
and trust a whole lot more.

We who have put our trust in the Rock that never fails have the ultimate example in Jesus - a smile in hardship, the strength to pull a child onto our lap when we're exhausted, a faltering, whispered Thy will by done when all else fails...

This is the stuff of life. It is so good. And I'm still smiling.

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Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

God's grace is there... giving us the strength to smile and find joy even in the midst of the "stuff of life".

Thanks for sharing! It was a beautiful post, Elise.

Sending love and prayers,

Andrea said...

oh, Elise-friend. ((Elise))
I'm there. With you.
So is He.
Ain't that grand?!
Because of your consistent art in your writing, I gave you an award on my blog.
Much love.

Kate said...

How encouraging!! May the Lord bring you closer and closer to the Cross this week.

Anonymous said...

This month has SO been that for us as well. While August promises to be Easter in our home, we have not let go of the lessons of living on less, making nourishing meals from what seems like an empty pantry, and trusting in our Father's hand to watch over us.

Thank you for sharing today, dear one. I have been missing you.

Praying for you. Singing "Gratitude" with you today!

Sarah said...

Haven't we all been there, in one way or another, choosing praise, choosing to live well when it doesn't come as naturally. Great words sister. We have choices every day and a God who empowers us to make and live in those choices of optimism. Keep it up friend!
Love, Sarah

Joy said...

Oh dear Elise! God is amazing...I heard echoes of my walk last month in your post. I am standing on the other side of it just amazed at how God provided...the paycheck was so far away. We had no idea how it would turn out, but we prayed over and over again that His Will be done and that He would grant us the strength to walk through...oh did He ever! I laugh with joy at the thought...and I pray that He passes the same amazing blessings on to you that He did us. I posted about it... (

Huge (((((hugs)))) dearie...praying with you and for you.

Christine said...

Oh, we can do all things through Him, can't we? It is hard, but the rewards are great. I'm praying for you in your daily struggles. Love you!

Maxine said...

I like that:
"Reach a little higher,
place self a little lower."

I haven't been over in a long while; hope you are doing well, even when times are a bit tough. Blessings.

Audrey said...

I too stand just a few days on the other side...and His miracles never watch His hand and His people lift us up and hold us close was such a blessing, one we had never experienced before!

I went grocery shopping this past weekend and as I stood in the isle I realized it had been a month sense I had done that, I was shocked, yet we were always fed!

Praying for you!!

Beka said...

Praying for you, dear friend. May His grace continue to uphold you. Sending a big hug your way!

And on another note-- did you get my email last week? If not, I'll resend it right away. You said your computer is acting up, so maybe it didn't go through for some reason.

Love you!

carrie said...

Oh, Elise.

Your testimony, your life, has been an encouragement, has carried me through my own trials. Oh how much we love this Lord who asks us to hold on, to trust, Who still never let go of us...

Laura said...

Praying for you, my friend.

Rebecca M said...

This was encouraging to me! Thank you for sharing... I'm in a similar place! Praise God that he is here with us!

Bekki said...

This is where your non-serious friend wants to say " having us over for gyros soon?" LOL - see...not appropriate.
I love you sooo and you and your family are always in our prayers.

Mercy said...

Elise... I've been "gone for a while" from the online stuff... but I return to read your blog and am blessed as ever,.. that someone so far away and really unknown shares the same struggles and blessings... as we serve the same God who is ever so faithful to us undeserving souls. You are amazing! I hope we will meet some day.

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