Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Such Sweetness

What a treat to wake up on my birthday morning to your sweet words! I happened to be on my third day with the flu, so I lay in bed as Kevin brought in his laptop and nonchalantly asked, "Do you think any of your friends would have said "Happy Birthday"? I shook my foggy head, No, no one knows... He smiled the cutest smile and said he would check my email anyway... I love that man.

It was such a sweet day; although I spent it in bed, it was a far cry from my last birthday... I am thankful to be right where I am, knowing what I know, relinquishing what I've relinquished, loving the way I love... God is so good. I sat under my bedcovers, ice water on the bedstand, new book from my sons in my hands, baby kicking beneath my heart, and smiled my thanks heavenward for another day to be a wife, a mama, a friend, and His servant.

I love you all- you are so very dear to me. Thank you for journeying this path, for offering your support, your encouraging words, and your cyber-hugs!

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