Sunday, October 19, 2008

Children's Book Monday

Over and Over
by Charlotte Zolotow
Pictures by Garth Williams

If you grew up reading Little House on the Prairie, Stuart Little, or Charlotte's Web, taking one look at the cover of this jewel will evoke the sweetest memories. The artwork of Garth Williams graces the the pages, and combined with the wordsmith stylings of Charlotte Zolotow, there is just no comparison. Cuddle up and take a journey with us through the year...

Once there was a little girl who didn't understand about time... What she did know about was all mixed together. She remembered a crocus once, but she didn't know when. She remembered a snowman and a pumpkin, and a Christmas tree, and a birthday cake, a Thanksgiving dinner and valentines. But they were all mixed up in her mind.

And so, the seasons come and go, and the little girl's mother prompts her to remember what comes next. Christmas... Easter... summer vacation... You and your toddler will adore the colorful pictures of the little girl, cracking walnuts at Thanksgiving in front of a roaring fire, her red hair pulled back with a ribbon. Or of a table bedecked in Valentine cards, as the little girl reads one and is very happy, for the beautiful, colorful cards that declare "I Love You!" are just for her, her mother affirms.

Learning the order of the seasons and what holidays or occasions occur in those months is a valuable lesson hidden in the sweet, simple pages of this book. I would recommend it for the ages of two through six, although Micah promptly snatched it from my hands when I finished and read it again to Eliana!

Happy Reading!

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Karly said...

This looks great! What a good idea! Thanks, Elise :-)

Anonymous said...

You should check out Storybox. They are great for Kids aged 3-6 and have a drawing competition on this month!

jen said...

I just noticed you only have 11 days to go! Can you STAND it?

Miriam said...

We're adding this to our library list right now. Thanks! :)

Love that song "Why"! Michael Card always stirs and inspires me.

Miriam said...

Oh! I just noticed that you're expecting your little guy SOON! Blessings as you wait, friend. Looking forward to hearing your joyful news of seeing his face (and finger and toes and... *everything*). :)

Mindy said...

Hi Elise! I Hope you and your family are well and that your new baby is a sweet addition to the family!

I know you have a hundred things going on right now, but I wanted to ask you a quick question. I am thinking about doing book reviews on my blog and was wondering how to put book cover images into a post. Can you give me a simple explanation?

Thanks! If you don't have time, I understand!

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