Monday, October 20, 2008


(This is for you, Bekki... I hope your faith in fellow bloggers is restored...)

I was challenged tagged by my dear friend, Bekki, to go to my sixth picture file and find the sixth picture in it, and then share it with you! With a little finagling, since several of my files have five or less pictures on it, I finally found one with six. So, without further ado, here it is- and with one of my favorite people in it, too!

This was taken in March, when our family visited a place called Antelope Island - it was beautiful, but cold! The boys thoroughly enjoyed climbing all of the rocks, and when we made our way to the beach, Eliana enjoyed the squelch, squerch of the sand under her feet... we found ourselves chanting the words and sound effects from We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

It was a lovely day, and I'm finding myself so thankful for the beauty of God's creation and bountiful blessings as I sit and go through my picture files... thank you, Bekki!

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~nanashouse~ said...

I'm so "blogger impaired" that I can honestly say I don't understand a bit of this blog!

I read your blog daily, offer up prayers and rejoice in your blessings.

Bekki said...

I LOVE this post - you have restored my faith in all blogkind.
That sure is a mighty fine picture - I am glad you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane. I think picture tags are the best. Actually...I think YOU are the best. xoxo
ps - will you chant the words of We're Going on a Bear Hunt for me?

Rebekah said...

It looks like such a beautiful place. And what a handsome little guy!

Anonymous said...

Truly, a picture of one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world! And, I am missing you all.....

I love you!


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