Tuesday, February 17, 2009


For the third day in a row.

It snows and thaws. Snows and thaws. Snows and thaws. (Wow. If you look at that long enough, thaws doesn't even seem like a real word anymore. And if you look outside long enough, you start thinking that it probably isn't.)

It doesn't help that I checked out these books from the library last week.

So what shall I do, to both celebrate and commiserate this repetitious occasion?

:: wear a skirt. I am wearing a calf-length white linen skirt and a pink sparkly t-shirt. Sure, I'm freezing, but I feel so springy!

:: put new words on the scrabble racks... today, ours read brrrr and hibernate.

:: make hot chocolate. This never gets old. My children still ask for it at the height of summer's heat.

:: after school is finished, sit close together on the couch beneath a knitted afghan and read, read, read. Maybe take a nap, too.

:: go ahead and let the children outside to play. Even though the bundling up and bundling down again are getting tiresome, you love to see their red, chapped cheeks and bright eyes. You really do.

:: think of others. All day long. Write letters, cook warm food for your family. Get outside of yourself, even if you don't actually get outside. 'Cause linen skirts are not conducive to snow.

:: (and these are most important)...

Remember that to everything there is a season.
And this season is still winter.
Ponder this miracle again.
Remember that spring will bring with it an awakening of the garden, and new chores to tackle.
And then you will be thankful for the heavy snows that sank deep into your garden.
Be thankful now, instead of later.

Rest in His warmth. Gather close in worship of the God who makes all things new.

So I'm heading back upstairs to change our scrabble word hibernate to rejoice.

Because I do. I really do!

And while I'm up there, I'll probably put on a sweater.

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Mercy said...

Oh, I love snow! But we hardly get any here in Baltimore. It's been cold though, and, like you, I'm thinking spring, so I wore pretty, sparkly, sandals this weekend and linen capri pants... inside the house, of course :)

Beka said...

I'm blessed by your words today, dear friend... but in more of a figurative sense. We've had a pitiful lack of snow around here this winter, and have found ourselves wishing for those beautiful white flakes.

But your words ring so true in the heart realm, for winter-of-the-soul won't last forever, will it? It sure seems that way sometimes, but I think that some day, somehow, the sunshine and blooms of springtime will come.

And for now, while the winter lasts in this heart, I will choose (by His grace!) to rejoice. For truly, I am blessed.

Love you!

Laura said...

It's been wonderful catching up w/you! Wow! I didn't know you had 7siblings! And thank you for the last children's book-can't wait to reserve it. Your "G" is so adorable and growing so big! So glad you're all doing well. My Ella loves all thing princess right now, too! She keeps asking for her own glass slippers.

And no, I'm not, by the way, but thank you for bringing that to my attention! :-)

amy said...

This is a wonderful post. I read it and enjoyed it yesterday. Then last night as I lay in bed and had the necessary quiet, I began thinking about your words and enjoying them again.

We mommas, women, humans on this earth are always yearning for the next thing. Counting down to the thing we are certain will be better. In one sense this is good, it comes from that yearning for heaven the Lord gives us. But like all good things we stain it with sin and allow it to rob us of our contentment and joy with what the Lord has for us right now.

Thank you for the reminder and encouragement to be content and to consider it joy wherever we are today. (and no matter how cold & dreary it is outside!)

Martie said...

Happy reading - I love snuggling with the kids and spending a cold afternoon together. Spring can wait just a bit longer - how we will enjoy it when it gets here!!


Jenny said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm one of those mommies who tires of bundling and unbundling the littles for outdoor play.

henryteachers said...

You have such a good attitude! This snow is getting a little old. I did see the sun coming out today and it made all the difference. Spring is just around the corner. I'm hopeful! I don't think I'll make it to the free homeschool zoo trip this upcoming week. We'll see, but I'm feeling too big to walk around that much. If you go, have a wonderful time!

Meredith said...

What a beautiful, inspiring post. We're in the middle of a hot Australian summer, but your sentiments still ring true. When I'm hot and bothered I'll remind myself to be thankful now, not later and to rest in the comfort only He provides.

Beverly said...

Wonderful - I am smiling as I imagine you in your linen skirt and sparkly pink. You are truly setting the tone for your household, and making your home a wonderful, Christ-centered, comfy, homey, place for your family!

Esther said...

So interesting where all the different blessings land. We have had a wonderfully warm winter...which I have enjoyed. I just got back from our irrigation board meeting where I learned there would be no irrigation this year. Big garden plans are slipping away, but just imagine what I can do with all that extra time (my version of digging out my spring time clothes..)

Kate said...

This post makes me thankful that I live in the South...snow is not my friend. But, snuggling on the couch under an afghan drinking hot chocolate and reading does sound quite nice ;)

Persuaded said...

I am one of the odd ones who really doesn't tire of winter... something about those "red chapped cheeks and bright eyes" I think;)

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