Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Hike in Which I Am Truly and He is Caractacus

(To decode some of the names in today's post, do a little research here!)

We had a beautiful family day today. Kevin takes Wednesdays off, since his Sundays, some Saturdays, and many evenings in the week are taken up with ministry. So, we invaded the city library (and I think we may have even left a few books behind for others to enjoy!) and then I got to sneak away and enjoy sushi with some dear friends while Daddy "did" lunch and put G down for a nap. When I returned, we watched a family movie while snuggled under some blankets, and then we took our family worship to the hills, with a hike, some swordfighting, dinner, hymns and psalms, and even some rock sliding. (Yes, I said rock sliding! You'll see.)

(This post is mostly for Nana and Papa, who are missing their little ones lots - but you'll enjoy it, too! Caution: Many photos ahead!)

Posing by the rapids

Gideon's only pose, due to the misfortune of also being the only one who can't walk.

If you look carefully, you can see my climbers up ahead!
Daddy only had to use his I-can't-see-you-so-you-better-show-yourselves whistle twice.

Gideon wanted a closer look at the rapids, so Daddy obliged.

Hi, Truly!

Let's take a picture together, Truly! said Jemima.

Take one with Caractacus, Truly!

And with Corban!

Okay, and with Micah, too!
(I think Truly's nose got bigger with every picture.)

She borrowed brother's sword and made ready...

...poor, unsuspecting Micah.

Don't worry, Caractacus! I'll save you!

Take that! And that!
It is simply too much for Corban. He can't look.

Yep, that's what I thought! You better run!

Okay, Truly, it's safe now!

From now on, you shall be known as Boy Who Must Always Climb.

And you shall be known as Boy Who Always Tucks in Shirt.

Are you wondering what's going on in this picture?

Well, let's back up and show you what happened right before.

Apparently, the tree got a little mouthy, so she got one more swing in before Truly decided it was time for brother to have his sword back.

I'm not cold! That stuff running down my upper lip is cause I'm so happy!

Silly Mama. She ran all the way around to the other side to take my picture again. But I only have one pose!
Okay, I'll give her a smile.

Bread 'n butter 'n honey. Perfect.

Some cashews and cheese, too.

Our favorite Wednesday evening pastime completes the evening, spent outdoors singing hymns that remind us of His beautiful creation; reading Psalms that do the same.

And I couldn't resist. I'm going to title this one "Before and After Hair."
(But secretly I'm going to call it "Could Gideon Be Any More Bald?")

The End.

15 fellow travelers shared:

Nicole said...

LOL!!!! I Luv it!!!! It looks like you guys had a nice and relaxing day fun day. I'm sure it was much needed.

Stacy said...

YAY! What delightful photos! Thank you for letting us peek into your evening with the fam, Truly!

(((love to you)))

Holly said...

What a wonderful walk with your family-beautiful photos! Holly

Bekki said...

While I love ALL of your posts, this might be my favorite. It shows your Truly hilarious personality. I love you funny girl. I am glad we enjoyed some sushi and QT together. XO

henryteachers said...

That was truly scrumptious! We love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang too! I love the idea of a hike. Maybe now that I'm past 6 weeks we can make an attempt as a family too. You look like you had so much fun!

Kristin said...

I enjoyed the lovely pictures, but I had no plans to comment on this post until I got to the end. I just blogged about hair yesterday: G is even balder than my little man!! We laugh at his fuzzy head, but G has him beat!

Christine said...

What a special family time!! Love the running commentary with your pics.

Papa said...

Dear Ones - what a precious glimpse into these beautiful lives in the midst of what I know was uproarious fun! Great to see all of you in picture, and to enjoy my t.d.'s running commentary. Reminds me of Caleb in the high chair, and t.d. entertaining the troops with comments about what he was thinking, and making Daniel laugh so hard . . . well, you know . . .

SURE do love you ALL!

Papa & Nana

~nanashouse~ said...

Just pure family love and fun! Thank you for taking us along. I just love your family from afar :-)

Kelly T said...

Oh, Gideon has the sweetest face! And that oh-so-bald head is quite a match for my hairy little guy!

Katie Eagy said...

What a fun day together! There's nothing better than escaping to God's beautiful creation. Thank you for the pictures...we miss you guys!

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Oh Elise, such sweet pictures. Our family loves getting out into God's creation... it is just so wonderful to be together exploring...

Thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

I love Gideon's bald head. So adorable!

Denise said...

Beautiful! Lovely! Scrumptious! Thank you for sharing your journey and such sweet photos. Gideon is delightful and, if I may say, practically edible. I'm sure you've kissed and nuzzled every inch of that cherubic face! ;-)

Kimberly said...

How truly scrumptious!!! (Sorry, it's one of our sons' favorite movies and we all sing all the songs all the time!)

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