Thursday, May 21, 2009


I smooth stained green across my folding table.

A grass stain? Really?
On the hem of this pink, gauzy dress?

I sigh, and dutifully spray, scrub, and soak, shaking my head.

And remember.

Hands scrubbed pots in soapy sink, eyes stared, unseeing, through streaky glass.
I whispered prayers, made lists, hummed softly.
And then I saw.

Long, brown arms raised, forming a steeple between them.
Their faces turned away from me, but backs of heads beckoned, Come!

She entered my line of vision;
a vision herself in soft braids, twirly, gauzy pink.
Bare feet, toes painted pink.
Fingertips pink, but not painted so.

Her eyes danced as she took her place.
Backs of heads continued to beckon;
she ran.

London Bridge fell down,
over and over and over again.
I laughed from my post;
silently cheering on the runner.

She was captured, she was locked up, she was let go.
Captured, locked up, and let go again.
Down to the earth, knees deep in the grass,
up again with a smile to rival the morning sun.

Laughter danced through screened window,
soapy water growing cold as hands lay idle.

And - ah, I remember! -
as the sun began to set, three golden-haired children clasped hands.
In a three-deep row, they walked towards home;
she smiled up at first one brother,
then the other.

And her knees were green.

I smooth stained joy across my folding table.

And smile.

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Bekki said...

You're a sweet momma.
I remember my mom bought me pink high top leather shoes when I was 8 y/o and the same afternoon I went outside and sat on a skateboard and dragged my feet [new shoes] on the sidewalks making holes in each side. I don't think she laughed or had joy at all. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dear Elise ~

I love how you LOVE your children!


Ginger@chirgies said...

Thanks for beautifully reminding us why we do what we do... and to have the right perspective. (warm smile) I so appreciate your writing. And I love your name by the way, I hope my Elise (3yo) blossoms like you.

Madeleine said...

This is beautiful.

You are so poetic in your thoughts. Even the simple & hardships become lovely in your thoughts.

Cathy said...


jenny said...

What a beautiful memory!

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

When Jesus asked them what they wanted... they said: "We want to see."

To see... really see.

Thank you, as always, wise Elise...

All's grace,

Linda said...

I am here to visit for the first time from Ann's blog.
Dear Ann - always points me to special places.
I loved seeing your precious children through your loving eyes.
As a grandmother I see such wisdom in your cherishing these moments.

Anonymous said...

Your words are salve for a newly-budding mother. Thank you!

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Yes, to always see is what I want... to see with joy and love.

Thank you for these sweet words.

Sandy said...

This made my day! Always love my visits here!

Beverly said...

Love oozes through your posts! You always capture the joy of motherhood so effectively.

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