Sunday, June 21, 2009

Children's Book Monday

A House is a House For Me
by Mary Ann Hoberman
Illustrated by Betty Fraser

We first discovered this fantastic book through A Child's Geography; Explore His Earth- it was recommended to accompany chapter one's lesson; every person, everywhere, has a home.

This book is now a family favorite!

With clever, fast-paced rhyming, Hoberman weaves such word pictures that the book stays on your mind for days! The entire thing, forty-eight pages, evokes giggles and quiet exclamations of surprised agreement as the comparisons between homes sink in.

The cooky jar's home to the cookies.
The breadbox home to the bread.
My coat is a house for my body.
My hat is a house for my head.

Did you ever think about your pockets beings houses for pennies? Or garbage as houses for germs? This book makes you look at your surroundings with new eyes- and you will begin coming up with clever thoughts about houses of your own!

(From different moments around the house):

Corban: This mitt is a house for my hand!
Micah: My tummy's a house for my taco!
Eliana: My eyes are houseseses (struggling with plural forms lately) for my crying (tears).

All of the pages are filled with colorful depictions of different kinds of houses, and minute details such as bedbugs in their house (a bed!) invite us to pause and linger in the pages.

As you read this book and ponder the deep thoughts within... A box is a house for a teabag. A teapot's a house for some tea. If you pour me a cup and I drink it all up, Then the teahouse will turn into me!... enjoy some fresh perspective and laughter with your children!

Me: My heart is a house for Jesus.
All of us: Amen!

Happy Reading!

{Also highly recommended by Hoberman - Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers}

4 fellow travelers shared:

Quinne said...

Hi Elise :) We love this book ,too, a great one! Love & hugs, Q

Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

A Family favorite here, Elise!
Smiling to think the Hooper kids are liking it too! ~smile~

Love to you all....
All's grace,

jenny said...

We love this book, too!

Erna said...

Memories flood as I read your review. :0)

Have you read Mama's Kiss by Jane Yolen? It's a sweet book!

We've gathered a few new favourites due to our recent trip to the library and your Children's Book Monday reviews! (I still have to check out the one you recommended by Lisa Samson.)

Have a blessed day Elise!

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