Monday, July 06, 2009


I took a page from Ann's book of love and asked him, heart pounding...

How can I be a better wife to you?

I would never go back to who I was when we were first married. That girl could not have asked this question, could not have borne the answer.

Our hands met across the table, his blue gazed into my brown, and after a moment, he answered.

And a few moments later, our hands still held. Our gaze still held. Our hearts met and held and we talked and wept and prayed.

It is a gift, this humbling and learning.

And the greater gift? The gracing and loving I still receive in the face of this humbling and learning...

Kev, twelve years have flown.

You are patience for my hurry
peace for my worry
sillies for my grumpiness
and pillar for my weak.

You are laughter for my thoughtful
Sweetness for my awful
Kisses for my furrowed brow
and silence for my speak.

And I love you for it. You and those blue eyes. (Finally, we have a certain Little Man who has inherited them!)

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Sarah said...

Oh sister, aren't these places so great, these places of growth and humility and honesty. God has been transforming me through a certain book myself, "Created to Be His Help Meet". Travis rarely notices the books I'm reading, but he notices this one and has come to love it as much as I have! God is so good, and so are our men! Love to you, from a state away.
Always, Sarah

Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary, Kevin and Elise! What a legacy you are leaving! I pray the same for my my daughter and new son in love!

Deidra said...

I too, have asked that question of my husband, prompted by Ann's asking first. It's a sweet moment, indeed.

Christine said...

Happy anniversary! Love to you all.

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