Sunday, August 23, 2009

Children's Book Monday

Hello again! While we have most certainly been reading here, I have been remiss in sharing our favorites over the past weeks. Family came to visit, and we, being the loving family that we are, shared a cold that took two weeks to make the rounds! Most notably, we have happily acquired a crawling baby. Well, we didn't acquire the baby, just the crawling. What fun! Now we wipe our noses for the last time and begin painting the schoolroom in preparation for our first day in a few weeks, and I will share with you our most recent favorite story. Also updated is the Shelfari in my sidebar...

Felix and the Blue Dragon
by Angela McAllister
Illustrated by Mary Claire Smith

Ah, Felix. Prince Felix. He had one thousand precious things but kept them all to himself.

Because of this, he had only his shadow to play with, and the beautiful colored pencil drawings depict the loneliness of his days. When he chances to meet a blue plum-colored dragon, his demand that the dragon leave the forest on account of it belonging to Felix begins a conversation in what is mine and what is yours.

As they battle back and forth with their impressive belongings, they begin to enjoy each others company, and when the last pages come, a surprise discovery knits them together more than anything else could.

Of course, the lesson on how much more enjoyable belongings are when shared is just a delightful bonus!

Happy reading!

4 fellow travelers shared:

Iowa Birdie said...

I find myself hanging on your every word. Thank you for posting. I have been missing your inspiring words. Any chance you could share books based on ages? I have a two year old and would be DEEPLY interested in hearing books you find appropriate and attention-getting for that age.

Keep posting - PLEASE,

henryteachers said...

I will have to remember this title the next time we head to the library. So fun that you're painting a school room. I would love to paint ours, but a project for another time. I can't believe G. is crawling. Enjoy this new stage, they sure grow fast, don't they?

Teri Selbher said...

Elise -
My girl is 2. Can't believe it and after you posting from today, I am going to pull her tighter than before when she awakes this morning.

Blessings to you,

Karly said...

Ooo-ooo! I have a book recommendation for you! We just got this one from the libray, and I could mention several titles. However, I like this one because the main character is a woman who shows perseverance, discipline, diligence and hard work as she turns one saved stocking of coins into a whole flock of sheep that cloth her children and keep them warm. It's called "Warm as Wool" by Scott Russell Sanders; Illustrated by Helen Cogancherry.

P.S. "Little Pea," is one we also got recently. Cute! There's another one by the same author and illustrator called "Spoon." Also cute with kind of a "everyone has reasons to be thankful" kind of message.

Enjoy! And thank you for all your good book recommendations all the time.

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