Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Evening Dance

The oven timer beeps but the music calls me first.

I peek around the corner to see if my usual partner is coming to dance, but she is engrossed in her colored pencils and new found joy in the precision and care it takes to color in the weaving on Cinderella's basket one. section. at. a. time.

So he sees me first, from his perch by the fireplace, and shifts from fat diaper to hands and knees and tucks his chin into his chest and crawls, quickly but carefully in his tentative I'm-new-at-this way.

And I can see his cheeks puff out and I know he's smiling.

Flash of baby teeth and sparkle of drool and he rests on my hip, his fingers pinching my underarm familiarly. We sway, he reaching out one hand to bounce it to the rhythm and my hand raised high in praise for This Good Day.

And the music plays on so we squeeze tighter and begin to spin. He leans his head on mine and I turn my face to inhale that spot on his temple that makes my eyes roll back in my head and he gets a new grip on my hair and we twirl, breathless and tangled and I never want to stop. Never want to let go.

Because if I do, he'll be off to build forts and hit baseballs and take giant trash cans to the curb and divide numbers that make my head hurt and ride his bike too far for me to watch...

But the song ends, and we lock eyes. He grins, and I breathe Love you, G.

Beeping reenters my consciousness and I remember chicken browning in the oven and potatoes boiling on the stove and the dance is over.

I release my hair from his fingers and inhale once more and kiss open lips just learning how to show love like that and set him down at my feet.

And he crawls away.

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Hooper said...

I'm so thankful that I'm married to a woman that makes the most of every opportunity! It really ISN'T about quality time...it's about quantity!

Sandi said...

They grow way too fast. You brought tears to my eyes.

Eli is exploring on hands and knees smiling and drooling as he goes.

I noticed drool swirls on my hardwood floors today and as crazy as it sounds I didn't want to clean them up. I just marveled at how quick he went from resting in the curve of my arm to conquering the furniture.

Emily said...

Beautifully stated. I'm so thankful you see the beauty in the fleeting days given! Thanks for sharing.

Melissa said...

Ah, yes.

It's been two days of E crawling after me at every turn, crying and wanting to be picked up (a little virus?) as I try to unpack and organize. I needed this reminder of the sweetness of a baby boy who is desperately--and unconditionally--in love with his mommy. And who willingly dances with no trace of embarrassment.


Jenny said...


Katie Eagy said...

So good. Made me breathe a big sigh and can't wait for my kiddos to wake up so I can hug all of them! Love you, Elise!

momma's heart said...

Such a lovely post! Nothing brings me more joy than dancing for Jesus with my loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Missing you!!! I need to smell him, too!

I love you!


Deidra said...

I can almost smell him through the words! Enjoy!

Kristin said...

I'm breathless, too!

Kelly T said...

This is really beautiful. My own little man turned 6 months today, and so, this post is how I feel on this day. Thanks for sharing.

Lyn said...

Oh you are making my insides hurt....to have a baby again! :) I am thankful you are enjoying every last minute!


Christine said...

I'm so thrilled to see you enjoying your family. I love getting to see the little moments of your day. My blog's been empty, but I come here to check in and share in your joys!!

Linda said...

You are a gifted writer Elise. I was right there with you - spinning back nearly forty years - remembering those precious little dancing partners.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

deb said...

And I've felt it , know it, breathe it
Thank you for a blessing this morning
I've come here , from Ann's , before, but forgot to bookmark.
Have a great beautiful day

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