Sunday, October 18, 2009

Children's Book Monday

I always try to pick several night time storybooks for Eliana while we're at the library, and little did I know that, this week, one of them would also be perfect for our autumn book basket! The more we read this, the more I love to think of October as Acorn Moon...

Long Night Moon
by Cynthia Rylant
illustrated by Mark Siegel

Oh so quietly, oh so simply, the cursive words on each page pull your eyes to the deep charcoal drawings of one night each month, the moon spilling its light over a landscape dotted with animals and leaves, trees and water.

We learn that long ago the Native Americans named the full moons they watched throughout the year, and we are taken on a journey of twelve months, the fullest moon night, the same house and barn and silo and road appearing here and there.

June's Strawberry Moon captivated Eliana, for the words are colored pink, and the moon shimmers the same hue over quiet, grateful rabbits as they seek out the new buds and shoots of plants... a moonlight meal.

And October, the biggest moon of the year, the Acorn Moon, heralds the leaves falling and the birds flying away. The faces of the moons are unique to the month, a subtle change caused by a passing cloud, or a flock of geese, or the shadow of an oak leaf as we gaze upward through the trees.

And I know what my husband's favorite moon would be... March. It shimmers hazy green, this Sap Moon, over melting ponds, sleepy bears, small green trees. He is a tree farmer, this man of mine, planting over two dozen trees and bushes this past spring to fill in our little half-acre in the middle of the city. (It is why we call our school Sapling Academy. It has more than one meaning!)

A droopy-eyed child, thumb tucked in mouth or blankets pulled to chin, would so enjoy this story and the fascinating discovery of one place, changed over twelve months by the light of the full moon.

Happy night time reading!

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Kelly Langner Sauer said...

oh - I had not seen your new template - this is beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Adding this one to our library list!

I actually posted a Children's Book Monday post last week. :) I'm going to *try* to get another one up later today.

I love your new design, too!

Kristin said...

Oh, Cynthia Rylant is our very favorite children's author. We love how she is able to write in so many styles and on so many topics. Somehow this one has escaped us, though. Adding it to my list... said...

That book looks beautiful. I will be looking for it. Do you share your posts here? We found a new favorite too.
Nice to meet you and thanks for the post.
Jessie at Blog Schmog

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