Sunday, October 25, 2009

Children's Book Monday

We've had a lovely weekend with visiting family, so I haven't much time for an in-depth review tonight... instead, I have a few seasonal offerings for you to discover... or re-discover, if you have been so blessed...

by Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Greg Shed
"I wish [the dandelions] were prettier."
"They will be," Papa said quickly. "They'll cover the roof and shout, 'This is home!' But their roots have to take hold first, 'Becca. It isn't easy being transplanted."
In November
by Cynthia Rylant
Illustrated by Jill Kastner
In November... the air is full of good-byes and well-wishes. The birds who are leaving look very serious. No silly spring chirping now. They have long journeys and must watch where they are going.
A Time to Keep: The Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays

{In October, there is a picture of someone dressed as an old woman, much like a witch}
November... on Thanksgiving we roasted the turkey before the fire. So many relatives came to visit that the children had to sleep in the barn. We did plays and charades and had a literary contest with a handsome book for first prize.
This book has the most precious drawings you will find- vintage seasonal activities that are so inspiring!

Now It's Fall
by Lois Lenski
Leaves of red and gold and brown
Come falling,
Happy fall reading!
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