Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Band Aids in the Kitchen: Selah for the Soul

He calls from the back stoop. Mama! I need you!

The door leading to our half acre backyard opens into the kitchen, and it is there that I find him a few moments later, blood oozing from a cut on the tender tip of his finger.

Hmmmm, yes, buddy, that one needs a band aid. I pat down his cowlick and rise from my knees. I'll be right back!

I smile all the way down the hallway to the medicine shelf. We've had many conversations on that back stoop about what warrants a band aid. Surface scratches, for instance, need only a kiss and a hug. Sprained wrists will not feel better simply covered, but rather iced and rested. But Mama, I am often told, A band aid just makes me feel better!

My boys are tough. They battle Old Stumps and wage war on invading chickens and daredevil their way down icy hills on only their backsides. But a band aid still makes them feel better.

And that is why I smile again as I dab on some ointment, wrap the fabric around his finger tip, wincing only slightly at the dirt caked fingernails, and pat his bottom back out the door.

Because I understand completely.

My band aid resides in the kitchen, too. It has black leather edges, curled and water-spattered. The sunlight has caused corners to crack and peel, and the gold-tipped pages are faded and stripped of their shine.

But a band aid doesn't have to look pretty, does it? (Shhh... don't tell Eliana!)

For it is how it covers that soothes.

My heart may ache over my own hasty, unkind words, and although blood may never spill, the wound is still raw. My cry for help...
Give ear to my words, O LORD,
consider my sighing.

Listen to my cry for help,
my King and my God,
for to you I pray... (Psalm 5:1-2) followed by the sting of the medicine...
Do you see a man who speaks in haste?
There is more hope for a fool than for him... (Proverbs 29:20)
...until I am finally wrapped in the encompassing balm of a promise...
But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God,
slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness.

Turn to me and have mercy on me;
grant your strength to your servant
and save the son of your maidservant. (Psalm 86:15-16)
I've heard it said, when spoken metaphorically, that a band aid does little but cover a deeper issue, merely masking problems too painful to acknowledge.

And why not?

When a wound is healing, doesn't a protective covering work wonders while recovery takes place? When King Solomon realized the importance of a merry heart, for it is good like a medicine, is that not also masking deeper hurts with the beautiful healing properties of a smile?

I like to think that I'm strong. I have to be so, and often.

But still my band aid lies in the kitchen windowsill, a quick covering for a busy mama while I whirl and serve and seem never able to catch my breath. It opens easily to the Psalms; a phrase here while I rinse dishes, a verse or two here while I wipe counter and sink. The deeper healing will come while the heart is resting, covered in the meantime with Truth Words.

And it makes me feel better, too.

So, the man-made box of band aids? It now resides in the kitchen as well- easy access for the coming days. And I will think twice when denying one to a boy with a bruised shin, or a broken toenail. Perhaps, as I anoint and bandage in the physical realm, a Psalm balm will do just as nicely to soothe the young soul.

Where do you keep your band aid(s)?

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Ginger said...

My Band-Aid is on the kitchen table, the children's however, are in the laundry room right by the door. And yes, I don't usually give them out unless there is blood - and the latest amendment to that rule is: the blood has to be gushing. :) My three year old finds itty bitty scabs from last week and requests a band aid. *sigh* :)

Sandi said...

Such a lovely way to look at it.

The kids band aids are in the bathroom mine moves around the house :o)The kitchen island, my QT basket but I have been thinking about having some perm. spots so it is always where I need it. :o)

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your words- you have been given such a gift with them- thank you!

I always tell them the band aid is to protect- it doesn't make it feel better and that soon God will give them a band-aid- a scab! So our band-aids stay on until then. I like the Psalm Balm idea! :)


Linda said...

"The deeper healing will come while the heart is resting, covered in the meantime with Truth Words."
Oh Elise - how this ministers. What a precious gift the Father has placed in your heart. You have such wisdom and love.
How often do I turn to something else when what I desperately need is the spiritual bandage of the living word - His words to me.
Thank you dear little sister. You bless.

Andrea said...

splatterd notecards above my kitchen sink.

mamabear said...

Always a beautiful visit, this blog! Thank you!

Kathi said...

We have so many Bibles, they are Everywhere. But rarely do I open them, unless I have a lot of time...I think I will try and change this. I was convinced, a few years back, that a few minutes was not worth it. That unless I had hours to read and pray, it simply wasn't enough, and didn't count. I struggle with believing God is OK with me being busy with my children. Not too busy, but busy. A few minutes is a start. A few minutes is better than none at all. *I also like Andrea's idea of taping Notecards EVERYWHERE, I do that*
As for the Band-Aids...during the warm months, they sit in a basket on the kitchen counter, along with the bug spray, tweezers, cotton balls, alcohol polysporin and sunblock. It's funny how Band-Aids stop long as Momma takes the time to put one on :)

vernie said...

You know...I have a bible with me with large fonts for about a year or so up to know I haven't got around to reading it chapter by chapter. Sometimes I read the Biblezine for women which covers the new testament. I have more fun out of that but I know nothing beats the holy bible.

The Diamond in the Rough said...

This was just beautiful...thank you for reminding me that God's Word is a balm for the heart...check my blog out over at

Wendy said...

Thank you for this!

Sunshine said...

I happened upon your blog last Thursday morning as I was doing my hair getting ready to go to a MOPS meeting. I'm a grandmama now, but was going to MOPS to be a helper in the 4-5 year old class of cuties. I shared your blog with the moms, sharing your blog address with them. What wisdom and encoragement are tucked away in your words. God so impressed upon my heart to give boxes of band-aids to moms who would be willing to commit to putting their Bibles out in their kitchens or dining rooms for their littles to see as a comforting, and useful healing balm to everyday. Nine moms signed the Band-Aid list. I am so delighted to have this list, so that I can gather boxes of band-aids before the next meeting. I'm keeping the list by my Bible and praying for each mom and her family. It so warms my heart to slowly read through the list and pray. I don't even know all the moms on the list but feel such a love for each one. Is that God or what! Thank you greatly for your blog and blessing us here in western Colorado.

Tracey Monroe said...

I haven't yet left a comment but have enjoyed following your blog. I was touched by today's post. A special thank you for sharing those verses. The timing was perfect. As of late God is really working in the area of my tongue and to be speaking life to others. So many times I wish I could take back hurtful words. Thanks for sharing.

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