Monday, May 10, 2010

Eliana as Firebird, or, Mama vs. Mother

Eliana: Mama, pretend you're my mother in this, and I'm Firebird, but my name is Rose.

Me: [buttering toast- it's still early.] Well, honey, I am your mother.

Eliana: [dropping her ballerina arms mid-twirl, hands now on hips] Mama. You're just kidding, right? You're my mama. I'm asking you to pretend you're my mother.

Me: [shoulders shaking, still buttering] Oh! Okay, I'll pretend I'm your mother, Firebird-slash-Rose.

Eliana: [shaking her head and twirling away] It's just Rose, Mama. I mean Mother.

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tonia said...

and the day they stop saying "momma" is a heart-breaker. my 10 year old said the other day, "Remember when i used to call you Mommy? That was so embarrassing!"

sigh. not to me, my dear, not to me.

(thank you so much for the precious comment at SiB...that you ever think of me at all blesses so much! thank you.)

Inspiration Station said...

What a sweetheart she is! They grow all too fast.

Linda said...

She takes me back to my little girl days. She is so darling - as are you, "Mother."

Carrie at dumptrucksandteacups said...

Oh, my friend, your little "Rose" is so precious.

Christine said...

Look at that gorgeous hair!!! How sweet- treasure those moments. :)

Jasmine said...

She is too adorable for words.

Kelly T said...

Hey friend! Sophie saw this picture of your sweet girl and asked me who it was. I told her Eliana. She said, "Is it Princess Eliana?" I said, "Yes it IS Princess Eliana!" You should tell Eliana that Sophie knows a true princess when she sees one. Such tender hearts they are.

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