Sunday, July 11, 2010

Children's Book Monday

In the nature basket...

Christmas Farm
by Mary Lyn Ray
illustrated by Barry Root

(This is not just a Christmas story by the author of our beloved Basket Moon- sweet Wilma wants to grow something that doesn't die in the winter so, with the help of her five-year-old neighbor, she plants sixty-two dozen balsam starts in the spring. As the seasons come and go they weed and shape the trees, losing some to deer and mice, but when Christmas comes, what a glorious gift they have to share! It's a wonderful story to read during gardening season, and teaches lessons in patience and perserverance. The illustrations are captivating and cozy, too- perfect. A new favorite in our family, and we're looking forward to Pumpkins in the fall...)

In a fireplace book box...

Raining Cats and Dogs
by Will Moses

(I've spent years (and I know I have many more to come!) explaining the meaning of certain figures of speech to my boys. (You know, Oh, honey, I know we didn't just come out of the woods- I just meant that we finally solved our problem- we made it!) This book is a hilarious collection of those "irresistible idioms"- with very literal illustrations! Will Moses' artwork always makes us smile.)

In Eliana's box...

Henny Penny
by Vivian French
illustrated by Sophie Windham

(An excellent retelling of the classic story, with comfy colors and vivid illustrations- what a silly hen!)

Happy Reading!

2 fellow travelers shared:

Stacy said...

Thank you, Elise.

(Though I am bummed that our library doesn't have either of those first two. :() I am always appreciative of your recommendations and am thankful for these.

Blessings to you and yours, friend!

Kristin said...

More to add to our list...thanks!

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