Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Psalm 16:5-6: Pillow Whispers


You are my portion. My cup.

I drink thankful, long, deep draughts of the strength you offer me this day. Every day.

For You are my portion.

And You are always enough.

Surely you have laid my boundaries with thought and care. The four walls of this home make for a pleasant place; help me to stay in my place.

Father. Jesus.


(When words are long in coming, and, buried deep, lie covered by so much care, pray the Psalms. Sing them, whisper them... from your pillow, from your heart.

It is always enough.)

5 fellow travelers shared:

Christine said...

Amen. Keeping the Psalms right on my lips is how a begin (and make it through) many a day.

Sandi said...


Thank you for bringing me back to THe source. So much weight and burden right now related to one particular child and I keep carrying that weight.

I feel I can't do it another day sometimes and I can't without staying and whispering.

Your depth, your honesty, your quiet desire for Him....all so much a blessing.

Much love,

Maxine said...

Hi, Elise,
Your sister came up on my feed so I visited her and from there your other sister, and I saw your comment. I said to myself I should pop in to visit an old friend, so here I am saying hi.

God bless; I see you're still writing precious thoughts.

Emily said...

Interesting--that's what I've been doing, too... It is balm for a weary soul!

Amanda said...

I love the Psalms. I loved this...

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