Monday, September 27, 2010

Children's Book Monday

From the nature basket...

Country Road ABC: An Illustrated Journey Through America's Farmland
by Arthur Geisert

We already think Mr. Geisert is terribly clever, but with Country Road ABC, his choices for depicting farm moments with the ABC's are genius. Every letter has a two-page spread, with a larger picture showing a closeup, and a panned-out picture that invites the fun of hunting for the activity from far away.

For example, Letter "J" (for July 4), shows the small town parade, veterans leading, red tractor with father and sons following, and a couple of horses behind. Farmers and their families line the streets and flags fly. Below, in the panned-out picture, we see farmland, farmhouses, animals... and away in the distance, over the rolling hills, the small outline of the town, with fireworks showering from above.

This book has many hours of fun yet packed in it's pages, and we're itching to discover it!

by Kevin Henkes
illustrated by Laura Dronzek

This husband and wife author/illustrator team should always work together, in our opinion. The whimsical observations Henkes makes about birds and their surroundings...

sometimes, in winter
a bird in a tree
looks like one red
leaf left over

paired with Dronzek's simple and vivid illustrations makes for an excellent read for virtually all ages. We all laughed, every one of us, at the pages where Henkes describes watching seven birds on the telephone wires, and how they didn't move, and they didn't move, and they didn't move. When he looked away for just a second... they were gone! We could all remember watching for movement, just like the author did, at one time.

Silly birds.

Happy Reading!

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I forgot to link mine last week--so I put two up! Your country road ABC book looks delightful! Thanks again, dear friend, for hosting.

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