Friday, September 24, 2010

Frough Frough! (or, Going on a Bear Hunt, G style)

So we're all kinds of distracted, and I'm disheveled and apron-clad, and I have to read fast because sometimes he gets ahead of me, but here's a peek at what's it's like to read Going on a Bear Hunt with my G. He's got his own little language ("frough-frough" = "through", "assat?" = "what's that?") and then, at the height of the drama... he just has to make a phone call.


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Sarah said...

too cute!

Stacy said...

This was *really* fun to watch, cute Elise! We have that very same book, and it is well-loved and oft-read around here.

It was fun to see you read it!(I've never thought to point to my kids' nose, ears and eyes before! GREAT! We always have to have a blanket nearby so that we can all hide under the covers together to hide from the bear at the end!)

I read super fast, too- so that I can get the page read before the girls decide to turn it!

Thanks for sharing your story!

Linda said...

So sweet you two! Brings back so many precious memories. Thanks for sharing Elise!

Mrs. H said...

I have read that book every day this week with my 2yo dd!

Mrs. H

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

so fun! look's perfect for judah's 1st b'day in just 12 days!!!

funny, how we momma's can fast forward ourselves :)

he is so full of personality, isn't he?

have a great weekend.

~nanashouse~ said...

Yes, he was calling me to let me know it's ok to miss my grandchildren and sniffle a little.

Inspiration Station said...

That was precious and to have that on video to remember. Such sweet memories reading to our kids.

Bekki said...

He might just be the calmest little one I have ever known! This was fun. Love that he had to make the call. HA!

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