Sunday, October 31, 2010

Children's Book Monday

Well, I was having so much fun with my brother and sister-in-law and all the cousins that I forgot our books were due until it was two days too late!

Thirty-some dollars (we had over ninety books!) and no grace period later we are library book-less, the lonely bins next to the roaring fire reproach me for my forgetfulness and my children repeat over and over how much they miss having library books in the living room and dining room and bedrooms to read.

I know. I'm so sorry.

We really did have lots of fun, though, and the sweetness of our time combined with the fact that the money is going to the library softens the blow quite a bit.

A bin-renewing library day is going to have to wait until Wednesday, but oh, did we have some good ones to share. Several in particular are standing out in my memory, so I will do my best to briefly review them today.

Forgive me?

Riddle Road: Puzzles in Poems and Pictures
by Elizabeth Spires
illustrated by Erik Blegvad

This was a delicious fireside book- simple riddles with hidden clues in the fine drawings by another of our favorite illustrators. We will definitely need to check this one out again to enjoy it in it's fullness!

How the Ladies Stopped the Wind

by Bruce McMillan
illustrated with paintings by Gunnella

The Icelandic countryside was windy, no question. This quaint little tale about how the women of a little village found a way to stop the wind (or shield themselves from it!) left smiles on our faces and giggles in our throats. (And refueled our desire to have chickens one day, but that's beside the point.)

Pumpkin Moonshine
by Tasha Tudor

A fall favorite- always finds it's way into our seasonal basket in the dining room. This tale of a little girl and her pumpkin, accompanied by Tasha Tudor's incomparable artwork, is a gentle read and focuses much more on the harvest abundance of fall and the softer side of Halloween, and we appreciate that very much. You will, too!

Happy Reading!

5 fellow travelers shared:

Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

We bought Pumpkin Moonshine a month or so back, and have really enjoyed it too!

I literally threw a review together, baby is sick...but I would really like to get a post up each Monday.

Sorry to hear about your fines, our library in Cincinnati was unforgiving...but here, here they show so much grace...and February (the month of Love) they show their Love by waving ALL fines. I heart our little Library!

Emily said...

Thanks, Elise. I have always wanted to read Pumpkin Moonshine with my kids, and this triggered my memory to put it on reserve at the library.

I hope your Wednesday trip to the library is full of extra joy because of the waiting!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thirty dollars in fines! Ouch! :) I agree that the blow is "softened" when you decide you are supporting the library. I have heard of libraries that collect cans for the local food pantry one month a year as a "fine forgiveness" wonderful!
Thanks for the suggestions and your amazing blog! I am really enjoying it! (I also love your music choices...inspiring.)

Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops said...

Ouch! That is a big fine. :(

Thanks for your faithful recommendations. I've benefited from them and I'm sure my children have, too.

Anonymous said...

My library does the "Food for fines" forgiveness in November. I've been saving all my overdue books just for this event:0) Sorry you had such a steep fine. I do appreciate your reviews and my children have enjoyed the books.


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