Sunday, November 07, 2010

Children's Book Monday {Fireside Edition}

From the Fireside Book Basket...

The Little Bookroom
by Eleanor Farjeon

The cover of this volume of stories was what originally spoke to me, and I was probably more excited about it than almost any other book we ordered for school this year! The inside did not disappoint...

Ms. Farjeon has a long list of well-loved books, but the author of the beautiful poem Morning Has Broken has also written many short stories that are has compiled into this beautiful volume. Illustrated by another favorite, Edward Ardizzone, it's the perfect fireside companion.

The Gold Thread (and other stories of young faith)
by Norman MacLeod

The very day I purchased this book at our home school convention, we began to read... and even months later, the stories in this classic volume are as vivid as ever.

Outdoor Secrets
by Margaret P. Boyle

Secrets, indeed! Never have we enjoyed a nature book as we have this one- cleverly included in each captivating story are little facts about creation that we never knew!

Parables of a Country Parson
by William E. Barton

I confess that these stories have not yet been enjoyed by the children... but I have read every single one! Just recently I curled up next to my husband and read two of these "parables" out loud. The (very) old English and clever conversation had us both laughing, and the moral of each tale always leaves me slightly teary. I am so looking forward to sharing some of these stories with the children this winter!

The Racketty-Packetty House

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Beloved author of A Little Princess and The Secret Garden, Ms. Burnett's story of two dollhouses and a subsequent fairy-rescue is timeless; Eliana and I are enjoying this one together, wrapped in a favorite blanket in front of the blazing fire.

The Lord of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkein

I bought this collector's edition for Kevin almost ten years ago, and now, as he reads it aloud to his two oldest boys, the story of a hobbit, a wizard, a ring, and a war is coming to life again through their eyes... it is a joy to watch. (and listen!)

With the Children on Sundays: Through Eye-Gate and Ear-Gate Into the City of Child-Soul
by Sylvanus Stall

Little sermonettes geared towards children, although, pleasantly enough, the words encourage little ones to reach higher, strive harder- no dumbing it down here! Laced with poetry, hymns, scientific drawings and questions to tie everything together, we love this addition to our Sabbath.

Happy Reading!

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Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

The girls and I all three LOVE Racketty Packetty! Lady Patsy finds such happiness ...and all those names!

I shared a short little Thanksgiving list ... have a great week!


Sandi said...

I always enjoy these posts, Elise. I am quite taken by the The Little Bookroom and the warm fire at your house. :o)

Christine said...

I love these suggestions, a few of which I haven't heard of. Thanks! I linked up today!

Andrea said...

If I had to give up my computer one of the things I would miss most is your Children's Book Monday. Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds. I depend on them and cherish them. I certainly don't have the same success in finding books. Your selections encourage me to snuggle by the fire and read and read. We are doing just that these days. This is a beautiful ministry.

Carrie said...

As always these posts are a treasure. Thank you for sharing!

Linda said...

Elise - I had to tell you. My sweet husband bought me Jan Karon's new book for my birthday today. I am beside myself with delight!!!

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