Sunday, March 06, 2011

Children's Book Monday (and a giveaway!)

Emily and Daisy
by Elsa Beskow

Springtime! Cows! A good little girl named Emily!

*Sigh*. Helpful Emily, in this sweetest of stories, is one of our favorite characters ever. I don't know if it's her short, curly, golden locks, her knee-socks, or the sweet little apron, but I do know that her endearing wish to help her mummy rescue Daisy, their cow, from escaping through a hole in the fence makes her a character worth reading about with my little ones.

The story is simple, with fewer words than normal for Ms. Beskow, but my two-year-old and five-year-old think it's just right; Emily meets a few interesting characters on her way to rescue Daisy, and when she finds that she cannot fix the fence by herself and needs help to keep Daisy from eating the clover, considerate Emily knows just who to ask.

Elsa Beskow (I can use incomparable again, here, can't I? So many of the authors I review I describe as incomparable, but it is definitely feasible, because they're all so different from each other; incomparable with her artwork, then?) has such a gift for capturing a child's imagination with her drawings and simple storytelling. Emily and Daisy is only one in a lengthy catalog of children's books by Elsa Beskow, and we have enjoyed almost all of her books over the years. Many of her tales are seasonal and have nature at their heart, so many of them even find their way into our nature table book basket.

I know you will love Emily, too!

Now, for the giveaway!

I haven't done this nearly as often as I wanted to, but I think it's time for someone to have the opportunity to win a book I've reviewed right here on CBM! Go ahead and browse the CBM archives, and if you leave a comment on this post (and please, it is so helpful if you can leave me your email address, so I can contact you!) and tell me what book you would love to have for yourself, I will draw a winner next Sunday, March 13th!

Happy Reading!

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Becky said...

I know my kids would love Emily and Daisy. We love most of Elsa Beskow's books!

Anonymous said...

I would love Emily and Daisy as our library doesn't carry any by her, although I sure am going to ask them to purchase some!


Amy in AL said...

We would love to have One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference. Thanks for entering us for the drawing!


Kristin said...

I love all of your book suggestions, Elise. As I was browsing back through your CBM posts tonight, I was remembering all the many books we've read and loved that you told us about! If we won, we'd love a copy of Raining Cats and Dogs by Will Moses.

Elaine [Southern Mama] said...

We'd love any of the Cinderella books! Thanks Elise!

Since I'm not very "blog savvy", may I share a couple of children's books here in Comments?

Most of ours are board books & Dr. Suess, tho we are in a VeggieTale phase right now...but here's a couple of others i've enjoyed.

When the Teddy Bears Came by Martin Waddell. A different take on helping an older sibling welcome a new baby. The illustrations by Penny Dale are absolutely amazing, capturing different expressions so very well!

Another favorite, an alphabet book: A is for Altar, B is for Bible. Geared towards a liturgical church environment, it aims to help children learn church surroundings as well as their letters. We even used it once in a small home group study - basically "this week is brought to you by the letter __" with most people contributing - SO fun!

Anna said...

Okay, Elise-

I love trying to choose and I hate trying to choose, because you have so many good books that you've reviewed.

This time, I think I'll choose one that I can't find at my library - The Gold Thread. :)

I'm finally jumping back in with a review this week. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share a book we love!


Teri Selbher said...

Thank you for the opportunity to win a book, Elise! I love the book you reviewed today so I am going to choose Emily and Daisy.

Thank you,
Teri Selbher

SDeadwyler said...

I think it is funny that I have a lot of books but don't have most of the ones you review. I would love any of the Cinderella books, Roxaboxen, or Emily and Daisy.

Sandy said...

Oh, my. I'm a children's librarian, and choosing just one book is VERY difficult! But if I must narrow it down, I suppose I will say That Book Woman by Henson. It touches my heart and makes me get all teary-eyed. I do so love books and feel privileged to be a school librarian.

Tonight I shared I Will Surprise My Friend! by Mo Willems with my grandchildren--two here at my home tonight and two across the country--via Skype. The grandchildren are 4 and under, and they are really enjoying Willems' Elephant & Piggie books. Other books they've enjoyed include Tikki Tikki Tembo, Caps for Sale, and...well, the list goes on and on.

I love reading your book reviews. Thanks so much for sharing!

Bob said...

Oooh! Roxaboxen for us, please! It's not in our library, but I think my kids and I would love it.

Thanks, Elise!

Bob said...

And I'm not actually "Bob", that's my husband's account up there by accident! Oops!
rebecca m

Marcie said...

My daughter and I are reading through your book selections and we are both loving your choices!!! We have loved so many of them so far - That Book Woman and The Quiltmaker's Journey have been favourites so far!

I had a very difficult time picking a book. I finally decided on The Racketty-Packetty House with Hilary Knight's Cinderella a close second.

I love your blog and eagerly await new posts!

Judy K said...

I would love to enter your giveaway, Elise
Um, I think I decided that I want Glass Town. I think. You have too many options!

Thank you!
And you know our email!

Andrea said...

Wow, the beautiful reminders going back over your CBM posts. I particularly liked your "Fireside edition" post and so I would choose "The Little Bookroom" or "With the Children on Sundays".

Ashley said...


I am ashamed I have not written sooner to thank you for all your sweet reviews. I have bought several books after reading your reviews and our favorite has been The Orange Shoes by Trinka Nobles. We love it and her other book, Apple Tree Christmas. One of my favorite books that I don't know if you have reviewed or read is Dandelions by Eve Bunting. So sweet and delightfully hopeful and encouraging (make sure to notice the last page which is an illustration.) For the giveaway, I would chose That Book Woman. I have longed for it since reading your review. Thank you for your heart which is full of Life (Him) and for sharing it with us.

lydia said...

My pick would be One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference. Know that I've put every single book you've recommended on our "Wish List" at Thanks for all the great recommendations, and thanks for the giveaway!

contented sparrow said...

oh, are too kind. i've been incredibly blessed by all your reviews. we've SO thoroughly enjoyed many many books that you've reviewed and recommended! one of our favorites was "Farm" by Elisha Cooper....ohhh, the illustrations....sigh.
thank you, thank you. your wisdom and gentle spirit blesses.
much love to you,

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