Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Supporting Mamas {for Mother's Day}

Mother's Day is May eighth!

And two of my friends, who also happen to be mamas, have the sweetest Etsy shops that could make your shopping so easy this year!

Amy, from Homemaker in Training, and I grew up across the street from each other. We were even in the same sewing class! (Just the two of us- her mama was our teacher!)

Now Amy is a mama to three little ones, and this year she not only embarked on the great homeschooling adventure, but she and her husband are saying "No!" to debt and are taking great strides to eliminate theirs. Amy opened a shop on Etsy with the dearest aprons and art smocks, and you can see the love and imagination that went into each one. (The newest, the retro green print, is my favorite!)

The sweetest of all the stories that link us together is when Amy saw this post on my blog, and wondered aloud at how much the apron looked like one she had as a little girl. I called my mama, and she verified that yes, Amy's mama had passed down some of Amy's clothes to mine when she was expecting a surprise, number eight!, my sister, Maddie.

Well, I washed that dear apron and popped it into the mail and soon after, Amy opened her shop. She takes great delight in using upcycled and vintage/retro material, and that whimsy certainly shows in her work- especially her signature "peek-a-boo pocket"! I would love to help her family take a bite out of that debt- won't you take a look and see if one of her creations might do for your mama, or sister, or daughter? Amy is willing to do special orders on the half apron and the "Colleen", and should be able to have yours to you well in time for Mother's Day.

And my other mama friend, Kristin, who just amazes me with her capacity for creativity even while homeschooling several of her five children, has a little shop called "From My Life" that carries her special creations just for mamas- bird's nest necklaces, with sweet pearl "eggs", up to seven! (You will see at her shop that if you need more than seven, just let her know and she will do her best!)

Kristin says she puts these beautiful pieces together at the school table, while her newest little one plays by her feet; I think they are stunning and inspired and I'm in awe of her careful work. You will be, too- again, what a lovely gift for the mama, sister, daughter, even friend in your life whose children are the pearl of her heart!

Happy shopping!
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