Friday, April 01, 2011

True Things {In the Kitchen}

We were baking cookies, she and I, and as I measured and she dumped and she asked and I explained, her finger stole up to her nose.

Oh, honey! I exclaimed. Okay. Couple things. Ladies try not to pick their noses, but especially? We don't do it while we're cooking!

She put away the finger and gazed at me solemnly for a moment.

I'll speak a True Thing to you, Mama.

I will always have boogers.

5 fellow travelers shared:

Linda said...

I'm afraid it's all too true Mama!!
She is just darling Elise.
So happy to see you here today. I've been missing you.

Kelly Sauer said...

LOL! I love your Elise!

Charissa said...

That gave me a laugh I needed today Elise!

Christine said...

Ha!!!! Precious. :)

The Homemaker said...

hahahaha! that's so sweet! what fun... and she's right, which is why we keep the soap and water handy!

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