Monday, July 25, 2011

Children's Book Monday {Hooray!}

Not hooray as in you've all been just dying for a children's book review these past months. Hooray as in I'm so happy to be putting down words in this space again!

And I love children's books. And you. I love you.

Hi. :)

To make a long, long story much shorter, and at the complete risk of trivializing some of the events and our decision-making process, I present you with bullets; {please, kind friends, read between the lines and presume all sorts of emotions and feelings including, but not limited to: pain, worry, peace, illness, worry, love, closeness, peace, worry, etc... Carry on.}
  • We moved. Beginning in January, with the decision, to the end of May, with the move, it was a whirlwind. We still can't believe we're here. Back in the small town where, six years ago, our hearts cracked wide open in this country air and we were home.
  • At the beginning of March, Kevin completely tore his Achilles tendon, playing football in our backyard with his boys. He had surgery, three casts, a walking boot, three months of physical therapy and is now down to icing a couple of times a day. Still no hiking, biking, or running. Yeah, it's awesome. {Good thing he's such a strong, patient, pleasant guy, 'cause can you believe it? We still love him.}
  • We traveled to California and spoke at Pepperdine (you already know this, but it's such an important bullet, because it occurred at the beginning of May. You know, right before we packed up and moved? Mmmhmmm.)
I'll share more in the weeks to come about our ministry here (it's beautiful!) and all sorts of pictures and school year preparation thoughts and cute videos (we have our newest Lord's Prayer reciter! I wonder who it might be?). But for now, the bullets have done the job nicely- and if you read between the lines I hope you find that, more than the worry and the pain and the illness, love and peace and closeness have been our constant wonder and joy throughout this season. Thought you should know. He is always good! I am so grateful for those of you who prayed for me, and sent words of encouragement winging my way... you bless.

And now...

My Book House, Volumes 1-12
by various authors

Small town has small library, and so far my book lists have found some dead ends. I'm a bit hard-pressed to find some new gems- but I know they're in there! For now, I want to share my early birthday gift from my husband. (You know you're a mama of many- a homeschooling mama, at that, when you ask for books for your children for your birthday!)

I read about My Book House in Lessons At Blackberry Inn, and I immediately thought, Ooooooh! That sounds like my kind of book! and then I looked it up. It was twelve books.

Even better.

These stair-step books start with nursery rhymes full of colorful illustrations and work their way up as your child gets older. Story Time, Up One Pair of Stairs, Through the Gate- each title gives a sweet clue as to what you'll find inside. Fewer illustrations as the volumes progress and longer stories, finishing with Halls of Fame, full of excerpts from classic books; perfect for the middle schooler, and even teenagers. I would have been one of them. (Who am I kidding? I plop myself down in front of the bookshelf now and get lost in them. And I don't think I need to tell you that I'm not a teenager.)

Photo credit: here

There are so many layers to these books, so much thought and care put into them for the young readers to come- even the pages of poetry peppered throughout have a natural flow with the stories! I think you might find your library carries some of these volumes, and I hope so, because the entire set starts at $70, used; but you can also purchase the volumes individually, and perhaps work your way up to owning them all for your fireside! Or, your husband can find an amazing deal and surprise you with them for your birthday. (I cried.)

Bedtime just got more interesting. These stories will last for years! My favorite thing about them right now? Eliana thinks because I say "My Book House" when asking if she wants a story from them, that they are mine. Tonight, when we unpacked our things at Nana and Papa's house for the night, she gasped and clutched her chest.

Mama! she panted. Did you remember to pack your Book House?

Happy Reading!

{Oh- and remember this review? And how Elsa Beskow is one of our favorites? Right now Valarie at Jump Into a Book is having a nineteen-book-giveaway at her site!!! Nineteen Elsa Beskow books!!! Hop on over and give her a like on Facebook, or post about it at your blog and you'll have fourteen automatic entries. And then pace anxiously, like me, until August 1st when the winner is announced.}

15 fellow travelers shared:

Joy said...

hello dearie! missed you. I fear I have been nowhere near as grace-full about all the changes I've faced; as always, you mentor! :)

And my goodness, what beauties those Book House books are. I have the sneaking suspicion I've seen these on a vintage thrift store shelf recently; I'll have to go back and find out.

I Live in an Antbed said...

Thankful for His Faithfulness to you!

Those look wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

It's so good to hear from you, Elise! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new abode and all the wonderful things you have planned for this year. :)

Last night I thought to myself, "I really should start doing Children's Book Monday again, even if Elise never has the chance to start it back up". So, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to see you appear in my reader this morning!

Welcome back!


Ann said...

Precious friend,
It is so refreshing to read your words once again. I truly have missed your blog posts and I was delighted to see you have posted. Love you!

Sandi said...

SO glad to see you here again. I have thought about you often. My place has been way slower as life has gotten more full. Look forward to hearing more. And literally Ouch! poor Kevin.

And would you believe I have that same My Book House book set. An older homeschooler in my area put an add on Craig's List for free homeschool materials. She gave me this set plus an entire Beatrix Potter set and much more. If was the kindness of God. It was during a time when we could have never been able to afford to buy them. I like them used anyway. They come with their own history but in excellent condition. I love reading her penciled marks here and there.

So glad your here again...missed you!

Cindee said...

Yay! It's so nice to have you back in the blog-o-sphere. Are you saying that you are back in my neck of the woods? Back near Twice Sold Tales? Marvelous! I have My Book House (from TST) but I'm missing 5, 10, and 12. I have to watch for the ones that match the set I have 'cause I'm a little particular that way. Anyway, welcome home. You've been missed.

Linda said...

Oh, Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! I am so delighted you are back dear heart. I have thought about you so often and prayed that all was well (I should have written; forgive me.). Daily, I felt sad when nothing from you came up on my Google reader.
So...I am happy. I can't wait to hear all the details. I know they are good. Just...welcome back!

Angela Fehr said...

I LOVE my My Book House set. Found them at a consignment shop for $75 and they are pristine. Love them.

Carrie said...

Sweet Elise, what a joy to see you. I look forward to hearing of the Lord's hand at work...


Stacy said...

I had a bit of time this morning on the computer and skimmed this post. (Hooray! Elise is blogging again! And with book reviews!)

A couple hours later we stopped by our local thrift store. As we were perusing the toy section, I saw two hardcover books laying on the bottom shelf. They were two volumes of this very set! I wouldn't have known a thing about them except for your post this morning... so, at 99 cents apiece, I scooped them up.

So fun, my little thrift store find. :) Thanks, Elise!

Andrea said...

I've missed you.
And those book sets look. awesome.
And I know you have struggled so. but do you know how happy it makes me to know you are back in the place you love, love, love. but I will miss seeing you in Utah. But I know I will see you again.

JennKS said...

Oh, I've missed you so! The Lord put you on my heart today after not checking your blog for weeks and so I checked and can't believe today was your first update! Isn't God great! And I'm so excited about the Elsa Beskow givaway, thank you for sharing!! So nice to know how to specifically pray for you.

Grace and peace,

Anonymous said...

So good to read your dear faith-filled words. You help me so in my job here at my from Mary Brooke

pattie said...

So glad you're back and all is well.
Looking forward to hearing more from you:)

Clare said...

So lovely to see you back :)

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