Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Four Years

August 17, 2007

August 17, 2011

So I mentioned that we moved, and I did mention that we moved back to the same small town we lived in four years ago, but did I mention that we also moved into the same, sweet parsonage?

Oh, this house. Sometimes I squeeze my eyes shut tight and open them again to see if it is really true, if we're really in this home we love.

It's just shy of 1200 square feet, and there are six bodies living here, but we've already spent some of the happiest hours we've shared in years right here around the dining room table, and over there in the cozy living room, and out back on the trail that peeks over into a river.

We truly believe it is the Lord and the family and the delights of that family that make a house a home, and it was never truer until we left this place and came back again.

I'll try to give you some peeks over the next few weeks of my favorite corners in this snug little house- we are dishwasher-less, but I have some pretty things that help make that dishwashing task more enjoyable, and the laundry room is a tiny hallway that these spread-with-birthing-four-children hips don't quite fit in when I bend over to switch from washer to dryer, and so on... But we hadn't lived here (again) long before our prayers for inspiration brought fresh, space-saving ideas, and tiny corners begging for splashes of color.

We're ever so happy, ever so grateful.

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Hoopster said...

Seeing how much our little pig-tailed girl has grown brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for making our house a home, babe!

Melissa said...

Elise, this post just makes me smile wide for you. (And what a sweet comment from your hubby. :)

I immediately noticed one of the beautiful new splashes of color on your dining room window. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! But it is as it should be!!! So sweet!


Iowa Birdie said...

I too love the splashes of color in the window. Did you make those? If not, where are they from?

Thanks and congratulations!

Linda said...

So good to hear the peace and contentment in your "voice" Elise. I've been thinking much about home and what it really means these days as we pack up the house we've called home for 28 years. It is sad to say good-by - but I know that we carry "home" with us.
Eliana is just lovely. How quickly the time goes. I'm happy you're back in your loved parsonage. God is so good - so very good.

Kathi @ A Heart Like Water said...

I'm ever so happy that y'all are ever so happy :)

Can't wait for you to share a few spaces with us. I love truly home pictures, you actual *lived in* home.

Moving brings fresh thinking...and WE ARE READY! But the Army motto is 'hurry up and wait!"

Love, Kathi

CB said...

Wow, that's Eliana? She all of a sudden looks so grown up!

Andrea said...

Look at that hair!!! :)
I think it's wonderful you are all back there...right where you belong. Blessings upon blessings, friend!

All of a Kind Family said...

Thank you for the reminder that small places can make for beautiful memories.

pattie said...

Your daughter is just lovely..
I have to say I enjoy cozy spaces and I think it's great you find ways to make it all work. Your kids will have such sweet memories..enjoy!

Stacy said...

The change in those two pictures is astounding! I actually said out loud: "NO!" (As in, there's no way she can be so grown-up already!)

Oh, she is so very pretty, Elise- and I know her beauty is inside as well as out. That sweet smile, those pigtails and her cute skirt (makes me think it would be a good idea to add some lace trim to some of Ella's skirts!)...

I love it that you're in the same home you left... :) That makes me happy that you get to build still more memories in that home!


Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Iowa Birdie- I did make that curtain!

I used a fat quarter of Kate Spain fabric I found on Etsy. It's a completely made-up pattern- I think I'll do a picture post so you can see it up close, as well as explain why I only made one and what exactly it's covering up... ;)

Thank you for asking, kind friend!

Christine said...

Oh, I'm so thrilled to see you are back where you belong. Your sweet girl is so big, I can't even believe it! And so beautiful, with a light radiating from her. :) I've missed you!

Bekki said...

E is gorg. And I love you. And I miss you.

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