Thursday, October 27, 2011

{this moment}

Linking this week's (birthday boy) moment to Soulemama.

4 fellow travelers shared:

Kristin said...

Happy *3rd* Birthday, G!!

pattie said...

Oh my! When did he turn into a little boy and where did the baby go?? Such a handsome little man:)

Beka said...

Can Baby Gideon really be three years old? He is looking so grown-up (and so very handsome!)

Thinking of you, friend, missing you, and hoping all is well at your house!

We are doing very well, by God's grace... Hannah turns TWO next week and is going to be a big sister in February! We are so very thankful for God's goodness to all of us!

Lots of love to all the Hoopers!

Christine said...

He's so big! And what a handsome warrior!

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