Monday, April 30, 2012

Children's Book Monday

It's been a little while since I've reviewed a book for the big boys in our lives!  (This one includes husbands, too...)

by Ben Boos

My boys were so excited when they saw me trot out of their bedroom with this book tucked under my arm.  You're going to review THAT?!?  Awesome!  We rather wore out the library's copy several years ago, which is always a sure sign that it's a must-own.  ~grin~

(I have to say that this beautifully detailed book was the catalyst for Micah's love of drawing swords - I'll include one of his creations at the end of this review...)

From the simplicity of a farmer's knife to the intricate sheathes and grips of the samurai, Ben Boos' style and historical detail appeals to child and adult alike.  Not only did he masterfully create full-page drawings of the weapons, but their ancient names and who created and wielded them are always included in text boxes throughout.  His research as well as love for authenticity is evident in the breakdowns of even the parts of a sword, and was incredibly helpful to my boys in helping them to understand how a sword is made, and what makes one stronger over another, depending on the length of tang, etc...

The tang is the part of the blade that is inserted into the hilt, or handle, of the sword.  Medieval swords were forged with a "full" tang, meaning that the steel from the blade continued all the way to the pommel.  The tang was usually concealed inside a grip of wood and leather.  (p. 29)

If ever there was a book to find a boy lying on his tummy enjoying- so much so that one must step over their long bodies to get to another room- this is it.

For the boys, young and old, in your life.  Happy reading!

(Proud mama moment... thank you, Mr. Boos!)

3 fellow travelers shared:

Sheila said...

Thanks so much for reviewing a boy book. I have only boys. :)

Tina_C said...

I love it! I also love the drawing!

Sara said...

We checked this book out of our library after reading this review. My boys LOVED it! Thank you.

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