Thursday, July 05, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

{Pretty: face painting at our 4th of July community parade}


{Happy:  fifteen years.  Today.  Cannot express the gratitude.  Love this man.  Love him.}

{Funny:  an exquisite piece of art by Eliana.  Kevin's height was disconcerting to him... come to think of it, the cane as well...}

{Real:  found this on the memory card- looks like Cor wanted to document his wood-splitting wound from his thirteenth birthday camping trip with Dad.}

round button chicken

5 fellow travelers shared:

Joy said...

Oh, the real life. I'm giggling at Eliana's drawing. Truly priceless. :)

Miss you, friend. All my love.

Leila said...

What a fun drawing. Never lose it!

Stacy said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations. (You're beautiful, Elise!) We just celebrated our fifteenth, too, and I feel the same way: I just love my man so very much and feel abundantly blessed by God for him and for what we share.

Oh, Eliana- what a very good drawing! (and *grin* about the height-issue and the CANE!) ;)

Love to you~

~nanashouse~ said...

I have truly missed you! So happy to "see" you again!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful family. Mary Brooke

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