Monday, July 09, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... Maple, our nine-month-old yellow lab, gazes longingly at me through the window as I type.  Love her.  If Cor hadn't found (and removed) two ticks from her yesterday I'd probably stop right now and go out for some cuddling. A smile and a wave will have to suffice.

I am thinking... it's a good thing we haven't any company scheduled to visit the next couple of months.  It's entirely too warm in this wee (no central air) home to add any more bodies to it.  If you were hoping to come see us, let's save it for fall, shall we?  ~smile~

I am thankful... for my husband's convicting words at the pulpit this morning (from Luke 12:35-59).  And for Eliana reminding me again as we read her evening devotional... Just like Daddy read this morning, right Mama?  Be ready!

In the kitchen... it's "use-up what we have" week!  How I used to dread this time when I was a younger wife and mother.  Now I look forward to the necessity-driven creativity that flows!  

I am wearing... a black t-shirt and yoga pants.  Oh, and whoops- my dangly earrings from church.  Still.  (Shhhh... I'm writing this Sunday evening.)

I am creating... spoon dolls with Eliana from this book.  They're sweet and simple and really it's just an excuse for us to talk "girlish" things, as she says.  (That's any time we're sewing, cooking, cleaning, or list-making, for the record.)  We've been slowly making pieces of them for three days now.  That's a little silly.  They're just spoon dolls, for goodness' sake!  I'll wrap it up tomorrow.  Promise.

I am going... to float the river out back with my family tomorrow, if the pinky toe I broke yesterday will settle down to normal size and allow me to walk on it!  Dashing around corners in this snug little house is not the wisest idea...

I am wondering... how the bunk beds we are planning to pick up this week will configure into the boys room.  And will it be hotter for the boy on the top bunk?  Hmmm...

I am reading... On Asking God Why, and Other Reflections on Trusting God in a Twisted World, by Elisabeth Elliot.  Having heard of a young friend questioning God's presence in her life, and another suddenly losing her last parent, I wanted to freshly immerse myself again in Elisabeth's wise words to bolster me in conversation with these dear ones.  And of course, now they're completely ministering to me as well.  

I am learning... to wait on the Lord.  I know that I trust Him.  Completely.  But this waiting... Maybe I should take a page from her book and *baby* the baby I already have!  ~grin~

(Little Man is such a good sport- this lasted for about ten minutes the other day before he rebelled and demanded his sword. I can only imagine he needed to assert himself and kill something.)  (P.S.- he'll be four in October.  FOUR!!!!)

Around the house... we're preparing to build our own clothesline, and I am so hopeful!  We're praying it will help much in keeping the house cool(er)- if I could at least hang out towels and bedding and jeans to dry in the air... what a blessing.

I am hoping... this is our last week of school!  That's the plan, but Kevin and Cor need to run to the Big City for a couple days to help Grandma with some things around her place, so I'm holding my expectations of completion loosely.  I've written a final lesson plan, mind you, but it's loose.  ~grin~

I am looking forward to... our end-of-the-school year party!  (Still staying loose...)  So far we've planned a water balloon fight and grilled steaks for lunch, with maybe another float down the river if the level hasn't fallen too much.  I've also been working quietly in my journal lately, writing prayers of blessing, hope, and encouragement for each of my children, to pray over them that day as well. 

One of my favorite things... is hearing joyous shrieks as my two little ones swing on the tire Kevin hung in the backyard a few weeks ago.

I am pondering... oh, goodness.  Really?  Cause I was pondering eating a chocolate cake mix cookie with mint chips, but now I think I'd better have some hummus and carrots.  Thanks a lot.

A favorite quote for the day...  Goodnight, Mama, yawns Gideon from his pillow.  Tomorrow I will love you.

I think I'll end it on that sweet note... Blessings on your week, kind friends!

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Anna said...


So good to hear from you again. Your children are getting so big!

When you were talking about finishing up your school year, it reminded of a post you wrote years ago that always echoes in my mind as I get weary toward the end of the school year - the one about "finishing well". It has encouraged me and prodded me on. :)

I hope that you have a lovely summer, friend!


Sandi said...

So enjoyed this little glimpse.

Can't believe it.....our little boys both 4 in October. I remember when we were both heavy with these baby boys....time does fly.

I like to put several fans in the windows in the early morning to pull in the morning air and it cools the house off nicely (no central air here either). It still does warm up later and I take them out when the air outside is warmer then inside. Hope you get to go floating down the river.

And broken toes....ouch!

Blessings to you!

Linda said...

What a delight to have a little visit with you this morning sweet girl. I have missed you and at the same time known you were spending the time wisely.
Praying that little toe behaves and you'll be able to take that float down the river.

Ann said...

Oh Elise, what a wonderful insight into your beautiful life! I love you.

Anonymous said...

You are back to posting! Yea! And are you praying for a baby? Oh, how I understand that... I just love a house with a baby in it! And I love all my *older* babies, as well. :)

Kristin said...

Benjamin will be 4 in October also. My baby boy will be 4?! I have a sweet baby girl to be my baby now (though she's almost 2!), but he's still a baby to me, too.

And those toes! I've broken my baby toe far more times than necessary. What does that say about my haste? :-S

A happy heart at home said...

Elise, I really enjoyed reading your Daybook! I hope your pinky toe gets better soon. I broke mine once. Have a wonderful week. ~Susan

Beka said...

I've missed you, Elise! My heart jumped as I clicked over here and saw some new posts ;-)
The waiting... I know. I will pray for you. {hugs}

Can't believe how big those beautiful little ones of yours are getting! They grow entirely too fast, don't they? Hannah is almost 3 now, and Silas 4 months already! God has been so good to us and sometimes when I look back I still can't believe we're here.
OK, this is already too long... maybe I should've sent an email instead :-)
Lots of love, dear one.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Anna~ I have to revisit that post myself every year! :) This one included... so good to *see* you here!

Sandi, fans have been so helpful! It's really disruptive on our nights, though, all the getting up and putting fans in the windows once it cools down enough outside, then worrying in the early morning hours if we should pull them out so these country morning noises don't wake the kids too early... :P

Thank you for all the prayers and sweet thoughts about my wretched toe, friends- I DID get to float the river with my family! :) The cold water felt so good on my foot. I will never learn to slow down around corners, though. :)

And to anyone still wondering... yes, we are praying for another baby. :) Have been since last October, but fortunately I have four beautiful reminders of how blessed I already am, and to love the ones I have!

Anonymous said...

I am so encouraged by your thoughts on homemaking and loving my family. Our last 2 baby twins...will also be 4 in October! I'm looking forward to making a lovely fall meal list on pretty paper as I saw here on your blog...pondering how to feed my family during the busy soccer nights with homeschooling, etc. warmly again from Mary Brooke

jennifer anderson said...

happy sunday

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Visiting from THe SImple Woman and what a delightful visit.

Few authors can compare to Elisabeth Elliott. She has always been a favorite of mine. What a Godly woman and what a testimony of faith.

Your children are precious and can I just say that my heart skipped a beat over, "Tomorrow I will love you." Oh, my!

Blessings abundant!

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