Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{WFMW} Lassi

Last year, while cooking through How to Feed a Teenage Boy (remember this post?), I discovered a recipe for something called Lassi, with notes describing it as a drink served in Indian restaurants that helps to cut the heat in spicy foods. 

I'd never heard of it!  However we were in the middle of lawn-mowing season, and my boys had been coming home mid-morning dripping with sweat and absolutely not hungry, but hot and thirsty.  (Don't worry- they do take full icy water bottles along on their mowing jobs as well!)  I thought that perhaps a recipe that cut the heat in spicy foods could also effectively cool down the body, so I whipped some up the next morning and handed them each a cup before they stepped inside.  It was so frothy and light, the cups felt like they were empty!

They downed it in seconds and declared themselves feeling much cooler, and I knew we had a summer staple.

Lassi - recipe from How to Feed a Teenage Boy:

6 ice cubes
1 cup plain yogurt
2 cups milk
2 tbsp. honey
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. Pour into tall glasses and serve!  Serves 2.

(The dog likes it too.)  (But she likes everything.)  (She eats sticks and bugs, for goodness' sake.)  

I've since found some other marvelous and equally simple recipes for variations on the sweet lassi, but this one remains the favorite.  

(P.S. - It's also delicious even if you haven't mowed a single lawn, and you're just sitting outside in the shade with your watercolors!)

Miss Stacy mentioned some yummy-sounding popsicles recently (which she really should post recipes for, don't you agree?  Hint, hint...).  What are some ways you're cooking up (or blending!) to keep cool this summer?

6 fellow travelers shared:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for transporting me back to the Mango Tree Cafe in Hampi :-) Another fun Indian drink we used to have all the time is Fresh Lime Soda, which you can either have sweet or salty.

Happy Summer you guys!

Holly, John and Lily

Keri at Growing in His Glory said...

I have heard of lassis but wasn't sure of the ingredients. Sounds yummy! I will be making these for snacks today. Thanks!

kathi @ purple cows & root beer floats said...

during baseball season, we got into the habit of buying the big tub of powdered gatorade from sam's.

and, the bailey boys are well known for turning the hose on to get a drink.


... i'll have to file your lassi recipe away for those summers when i'll have six boys mowing lawns. it's easily tripleable, right?! :)

Stacy said...

Well. Of course we had to make this just this morning-- doubling the recipe-- and it was an instant favorite, all around! So frothy and cool and delicious!

(I told the kids that come fall, we should add a dollup of pumpkin puree and it would taste just like pumpkin-pie-in-a-glass!)

Thank you for sharing!


Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Holly! So good to see words from you, friend. I'm glad it was a pleasant memory this post evoked- I had forgotten about your time there! :) We should have made Lassi for our mama's group while I was there!

Keri- I hope you all enjoyed! It's such a treat.

Kathi, so good to *see* you here as well! :) Yes, of course it is triple-able! And I hope your town is big enough for six competing mowers someday... :)

Stacy- pumpkin puree? Are you kidding me? That sounds AMAZING!!! Now I'm longing for fall... :) Glad you enjoyed!

Brandy said...

Hi, Elise,
I'm Brandy Gainor, following your blog from India. My kids and I chime in and sing your song when starting school, and I love when you review and write about books...it helps me build our library over here. Anyway, I thought I'd speak up and say hello. I enjoy reading your blog.

Enjoy the lassies! We drink them up over here and even make them. Mango lassies are so popular here during our hot season, which is also mango season! But mangoes are MUCH cheaper this side of the world! We also love Fresh Lime Sodas like Holly mentioned!

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