Sunday, July 15, 2012

Children's Book Monday

Two of our favorite book people- Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee- have teamed up to create this beautiful new book about *stars*. 

(You know, those twinkly, sparkly things that only come out at night so during the summer that means after ten p.m. and your children are completely worn out from playing in the river and mowing lawns and hiking on the trail and swinging on the tire swing so they're already sleeping and they miss them?)


This book reminded us of what a magical thing it is to wake a warm, fragrant little one from their dreams and carry them outside to watch the first stars appear. It's going on the summer list. To do at least once a week.  

by Mary Lyn Ray
illustrated by Marla Frazee

I was surprised so many times in this short book when the words challenged me to really see...

Had you ever thought of white stars in June grass becoming strawberries in July?  Or how about yellow stars on pumpkin vines becoming October pumpkins?

Mary Lyn Ray has a gentle gift; with very few, carefully chosen words, she captures the imaginations of children and leaves us breathless. My almost-four-year-old slaps his hand down on most pages in this book before I even turn them, so he can lean in and look closer... 

Stars shine like silver eggs you could gather in a basket... now doesn't that evoke quite the picture?  Literal stars and figurative ones, combined with almost full-page illustrations by the marvelous Marla Frazee, invite us to dive deeper into memory, and see if we remember the shape of dandelion fluff... snowflakes... moss...

Happy reading, kind friends!

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