Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Band Aid List

I am continually encouraged and so very blessed by the words you leave in the comment box, the inbox... my heart. Thank you for walking this path with me, my friends, for reading the quiet thoughts here inspired by the humdrum, the repetitive, the most common parts of this mama's day. For taking those thoughts and running with them, in the most inspiring of ways...

You refresh this mama's heart, you inspire her to live boldly, to take chances, to try even harder to find Him in the small things. In hearing how you've taken lessons I've learned and shaped them to fit your sweet lives, taken something small and simple and made it powerful and far reaching... well.

Now the four corners of this space I call "my world" suddenly don't feel so small anymore. And I'm singing, My God is so big! with a smile and longing to hug each and every one of you for encouraging me so with your words. With your powerful, far reaching acts.

So, thank you, kind friends. (Pardon me while I wipe the happy tears from my eyes!)

Well, last week, a special grandmama stopped by this post and left absolutely beautiful words that I simply had to share...
Sunshine said:

I happened upon your blog last Thursday morning as I was doing my hair getting ready to go to a MOPS meeting. I'm a grandmama now, but was going to MOPS to be a helper in the 4-5 year old class of cuties. I shared your blog with the moms, sharing your blog address with them ... God so impressed upon my heart to give boxes of band-aids to moms who would be willing to commit to putting their Bibles out in their kitchens or dining rooms for their littles to see as a comforting, and useful healing balm to everyday. Nine moms signed the Band-Aid list. I am so delighted to have this list, so that I can gather boxes of band-aids before the next meeting. I'm keeping the list by my Bible and praying for each mom and her family. It so warms my heart to slowly read through the list and pray. I don't even know all the moms on the list but feel such a love for each one. Is that God or what!
Sunshine? He's warmed us so with your words! Truly, you shine so brightly I think my eyes are watering again... Thank you for responding to His prompting by taking these simple thoughts and putting actions to them. For praying for the mamas in your care, for using your insight and wisdom as a grandmama to bless so many.

And yes, it is so very, very God. My humble, grateful thanks, Sunshine. (Might I beg your email address so that you can keep me posted as to how your ministry of the Band Aid List grows? For I know it shall... He works like that, you know! My email is at the top of the page...)

And may I encourage you, dear readers, (along with myself!) to listen quietly as we scrub, fold, wipe and stir, and to take bold action when He whispers through the humdrum?


3 fellow travelers shared:

Stacey said...

Hmmm, that is beautiful. Mine will be in the kitchen as soon as I find it as it has been woefully packed in the frenzy that is moving. ;)

Andrea said...

What a beautiful and obedient grandmama!!
Thank you for sharing with us, Elise.

Sarah said...

such a sweet story! I loved your comment on Jenn's blog by the way. It's so funny, because I was so close to calling you the other day, just because I wanted some Elise wisdom in my current ponderings. Long story short, my heart desires another baby and Travis's logical feet are slower to join my impatient ones. Thanks for the reminder that our plans, our timing may not always be in line with Gods, and even when it is, it's still His sovereign hand that creates (or doesn't create) life. I'd still love to chat sometime:). Love you!

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